Sunday, May 3, 2009


In my parents generation it used to be that men were providers and women were housewives. Thus, men did different jobs depending from their education; ones were directors or just office workers, and others did physical jobs. Men’s role was to provide their families money to cover all, at least, basic necessities. In other to do that, they worked long hours being separated from their wives and kids. Usually, women stayed home to take care of their families.
That’s how I remember my childhood. My dad worked almost a whole day for 5-6 days a week; he was leaving home after breakfast and coming back for dinner. Basically, I often didn’t see him and many times I missed him because I couldn’t spend enough time that I wanted. However, my mom was the one who gave me whole attention. She woke me up every morning, give me breakfast, prepared my lunch to school, dropped and picked me up from school, helped me with homework, give me dinner and put me to the bed. Also she actively spent free time with me.
Nowadays, it looks different. Usually, both parents work and many times there is a competition between them. Women don’t want to stay home and take care of their families any more. They prefer to get a good education, find a job, and compete with men about positions, because they want to be independent from men. Also, they tend to hire nannies to take care of their kids, and housekeepers to take care of their houses.
Therefore, families are separated from each other, because men and women have their own goals which usually don’t connect together.

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  1. Interesting! Have you seen the conflict you describe take place in the lives of people you know?