Saturday, May 23, 2009

Correction to3rd source

Sloan, Melissa M. “Emotional Management and Workplace Status: Consequences for Well-Being.”
International Journal of Work Organisation and Emotion(IJWOE) Vol.2 – Issue 3 – 2008
ISSN(online):1740-8946, ISSN(PRINT): 1740-8938
Not only is emotional labor involved in service jobs, but it is also involved in higher status jobs. The author demonstrates that managing emotions at work is informally required as a part of any job. However, an amount of putting emotions at work is conditioned from the hierarchical status of the worker within a workplace. Employees who have high position will perform less emotion than those with lower position. Workers with lower position interact with bosses, customers and co-workers job that lead to perform more emotions. Also, she found that emotional labor is involved in losing authenticity which cause increasing stress and decreasing job satisfaction.

I chose this journal, because it helps me to support my thesis

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