Saturday, May 9, 2009

The person I am going to interview is a banker.

The research questions:
1. Has the high status of banking been lost?
2. Do public anger surrounding banks made bankers ashamed to work in that industry?

The interview questions:
1. Why did you decided to be a banker?
2. What kind of education is needed to be a banker?
3. Was it easy t o get this job?
4. What kind of expectations did you have before you applied for this job and do they overlap with reality?
5. How look relationship between lower and higher position employees?
6. How works harder sales person or chief executives?
7. Does your job gives you status?
8. Are you satisfied/proud of your job?
9. Do you consider changing your profession?
10. Does your have an impact on your personal/family life?
11. Do you have dreams?
12. If you have a child, would you encourage him/her to be a banker?
13. If you have a chance to change a one thing in your job, what could it be?


  1. you can ask something about how the public react now with all the economical problems. Also about how the public view of a banker has changed.

  2. The interview questions look great. If you're interested in relating this to the current situation, I'd build towards questions that ask about that directly: what he or she thinks of the situation, thinks should be done, and so forth.

    Eventually you'll want to think about how to shape your research question so that it goes beyond this one individual.

    Good job - you're ready for the interview!