Monday, April 6, 2009

Post #1

Currently, I don’t work, but I would like to share my experience working in the bank in the loan department. I worked there for over 6 years, and during that time, every day looked the same. At first, I prepared computer and paper works to work with. Then I waited for first client to arrive. Routine, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, I sat by the desk with hands on computer and talked to the clients about the same products. Even I knew that when my boss had a bad mood, he would come to yell at us. Only a few new clients and some new regulations made the change for that period of time. In my opinion, banking is a routine job, and there is nothing what I would change, you can like it or not. However, the atmosphere where I worked was great. Me and my coworkers always supported and helped each other. When we had a little free time, we joked and laughed. We often hung out together after work. Even sometimes, we organized trips to go out of the town. Even though my job was routine, overall I have a great memory and maybe I will back there.

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